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History week 14. John Wycliffe

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Writing assignment from the Ron Paul Curriculum, 7th Grade History. The Reformation was a movement within Western Christianity in 16th-century Europe that posed a religious and political challenge to the Catholic Church and in particular to papal…

Dear Evangelist…

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Dear Evangelist, Evangelism… YIKES! Perhaps like you, I used to have this response when I heard this word. For starters, it’s a big word: 10 whole letters – hefty! This word sometimes fills people with dread and anxiety. I used to…

Impossible People by Os Guinness

The Reagan Review


This book is the one precisely needed today. It speaks to what thinking Christians are dwelling on. His title won’t make any sense until you read his reference to Peter Damian, but the book will strike the right cord on many levels. The problems are as bad as we imagined, yet the answer is not despair, but courage.

He will explain how Western culture is in its death throws. He really doesn’t explain a way to save it as we are too far down the line for that, but Western culture or not, Christians have an obligation just as they did in the hedonistic days of the Roman Empire.

He writes about how Christians are failing dramatically these days. He compares the very thing some of us have been telling others–how did German Christians get duped into accepting Nazism. Sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?

Os Guinness never fails to challenge…

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

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From Sam’s contribution to The New City Catechism:

Rarely does a Christian struggle to think of God as Father. And to envision God as Son is not a problem for many. These personal names come easily to us because our lives and relationships are inescapably intertwined with fathers and sons here on earth. But God as Holy Spirit is often a different matter. Gordon Fee tells of one of his students who remarked, “God the Father makes perfectly good sense to me, and God the Son I can quite understand; but the Holy Spirit is a gray, oblong blur.”

How different this is from what we actually read in Scripture. There we see that the Spirit is not third in rank in the Godhead but is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and Son, sharing with them all the glory and honor due unto our Triune God…

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The Essential Warfare for Holiness

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Here-I-am-To-Worship-WebsiteOne of the great points the Puritans saw in Scripture is the connection between happiness and holiness. For them, to be perfectly holy would be to be perfectly happy. Pastor John, how would you articulate this connection between happiness and holiness?

John Piper:

My approach will be slightly different, because the more I think about Christian Hedonism, the more careful I am in phrasing this connection. Happiness is part of holiness, so that if you tried to describe what it means to be a holy person and left out happiness in God, you couldn’t do it. There is no such thing as holiness minus happiness in God. Happiness in God is the essence of holiness.

God’s holiness is God’s being supremely valuable. That is his holiness. God infinitely delights in his infinite delightfulness because otherwise he would be a liar. He would be unrighteous. And so his holiness…

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How Scripture Empowers Personal Holiness

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Adapted from Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth by John MacArthur.

Becoming More like God

Godliness, Christlikeness, and Christian spirituality all describe a Christian becoming more like God. The most powerful way to effect this change is by letting the Word of God dwell in one richly (Col. 3:16). When one embraces Scripture without reservation, it will energetically work God’s will in the believer’s life (1 Thess. 2:13). The process could be basically defined as follows:

Christian spirituality involves growing to be like God in character and conduct by personally submitting to the transforming work of God’s Word and God’s Spirit.

Holiness Embodies the Very Essence of Christianity

Christians have been saved to be holy and to live holy lives (1 Pet. 1:14–16). What does it mean to be holy? Both the Hebrew and Greek words for “to be holy” (which appear about two thousand times in…

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