Month: August 2017

Ephesians: Your Identity In Christ – Part 3

Jason L Sneed


As we delve back into the Ephesians series, I want to remind each of us that in order for us to follow Jesus as a true disciple, we must be able to see Him for who He really is. Once we have a clear picture of Jesus, then we can truly understand who we are.

One of the truths that Tony Merida has already brought out in this study of Ephesians is that Jesus died in order to reconcile us to God. But Tony also points out, that another facet of Jesus’ death was to reconcile us to others.

Tony says,

As important as it is for us to live at peace with God (our vertical relationship), it’s vital for us to live at peace with others (our horizontal relationships). If that challenges you already, then good!

New Life In Community

When I think of rivalries, I begin to think…

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#Charlottesville, Before and After


You can change the way a place looks, but you can’t change the history that made it that way.

That’s a reality that the tragedy in Charlottesville, and the current uproar about Civil War monuments throughout the United States, can’t transform.

Viscerally, I understand the confused, angry feelings of an African-American child staring up at a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, or any of the 1,500 similar monuments throughout the country.

And I understand the white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen and bigots who feel justified and supported in their inexcusable racism by the existence of those monuments.  But those irreconcilable differences in American life will continue even if – and after – all those 1,500 statues are torn down.

The United States has been taking down statues since five days after the Declaration of Independence was ratified, when soldiers and citizens pulled down the Statue of King George III…

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Racial Equality isn’t pie, so stop acting like we’re at Bakers Square

La Femme

After reading some of the posts and comments on said posts popping up on my Facebook feed I feel the need, especially after the events of last weekend, to post some thoughts.

To start: there’s no such thing as “reverse racism” or “groups of racism form all colors of skin, culture, and religion” or anything else that tries to suggest racism towards white people.

Black people cannot be racist.

Asian people cannot be racist.

Latinos cannot be racist.

Can they be prejudiced? Yes, but not racist. Racism describes a wider system of discrimination, oppression, and disadvantage based on race alone. As a race, white Americans have never been subject to a larger system of oppression for the simple fact they are white because guess what… the whole system was designed by white Americans, to begin with (men, to be exact… but we won’t go there right now).

White people can…

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