Meet the Author

Lillian W. Clark is the author of the eBook, “Praying for the Unsaved Millennials in our Families” which was published in May 2014. Mrs. Clark is also the associate editor of  “Plan to Succeed Financially with a Powerful Budget” by Hinton E. Clark, her husband. She was on the editing team of the book, “Fight the Good Fight of Faith” by Pastor Rich Sivo, and she was the eBook Coordinator as well.

She was on the editing and publication team for the book, “Victory thru Violent Faith” which was written by Pastor I. E. Bright.  After receiving the Kindle as a birthday gift from their daughter, she got interested in reading and writing eBooks. Hinton and Lillian Clark are the proud parents of two daughters, two granddaughters, and one great granddaughter.

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