Dear Evangelist…


Dear Evangelist,

Evangelism… YIKES!

Perhaps like you, I used to have this response when I heard this word. For starters, it’s a big word: 10 whole letters – hefty! This word sometimes fills people with dread and anxiety. I used to think that it’s not for me, I’m ‘too young’, maybe the better Christians can have a go at that – they know what they’re talking about more than I do.

How foolish I was! And how foolish I still am: often these are the lies I still tell myself and I’m often afraid of telling people about God. These are the lies that the devil loves to feed us!

Reading this, you’ll quickly realise that I’m not a regular blogger. I don’t post every 2 days saying what’s the best place for a caramel iced latte in Belfast or other such things. So, excuse my lack of writing prowess…

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