Month: July 2021

Fighting This Spiritual War Against the Millennial Generation

Praying for the millennials

Blessed Father, let Your Spirit fill our souls as we pray for the millennial generation in every nation on the face of the earth. These young people are important to You, and they are important to us.

We praise Your Holy Name because all power is in Your Hands. You have the power to save this generation in every nation. O Lord, empower us to pray more victoriously against our own slowness of spirit in fighting this spiritual war against the millennial generation. Forgive our prayerlessness for these young people. 

Work against the enemy that is working against young people on every front. By the power of Your Spirit, call out true worshippers today, O Lord.  Get their attention, as only You can. You have all authority over the hearts of the millennial generation.  

We glorify  You because You specialize in doing great and mighty things, and this is why we are calling on You with…

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