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A new gift of today has arrived precious family!!! Our sweet Jesus has blessed us once again with life together as His beloved kids of faith!!! Upon faith in Christ Jesus as our personal Savior, Jesus enters into our hearts and dwells with us forever to be our Counselor, leading us and guiding us supernaturally in faith!!! Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ arrival into this world as our God with us that was the beginning of His life journey to become our Savior and end up in our hearts, ever present with us!!! Oh what a glorious day to celebrate – the birthday of our King!!!

As I write this today, it was about the same time of day as 30 years ago when I began the labor that brought my daughter into this world!!! I am with her today and able to celebrate her arrival into life with…

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It’s Advent Season. Rejoice!

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AdventEverything the World Needs Right Now

I love this post from my internet friend, insanitybytes22. I love her wit and I love her perspective on life. This particular post struck a chord in my soul. I too have a visceral distaste of whiners. But she is not just venting here. She is pointing us to the way of gratitude, to the way of worship.

I confess this issue I have with whiners because I don’t want this post to sound too harsh, but I grew up within militant atheism and was not allowed to read a bible. I could not go to church or worship. I literally had to pray in secret. Ever taken communion alone? That’s a real oxymoron.

People don’t always understand how privileged they are, how much freedom they have until they lose it. Every single time I walk into a church or even a…

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Where Does Extraordinary Leadership Emerge From?

“Extraordinary leadership emerges from a commitment deep within us. It’s not a fad to follow or a new method to model. Leading with everything that we are means we are putting everything we have on the line for the cause we are compelled by. Heart, soul, mind, and strength leaders know their leadership takes work, engagement, commitment, perseverance, and determination.”

Jenni Catron, The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership (Nashville, TN: Nelson Books, 2015), 185.

Please Note: This book will be available on December 1, 2015.

The Danger of “Assuming” Evangelism

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Trevin Wax:

“Don’t assume the gospel!” has become a rallying cry for gospel-centered pastors and leaders. D. A. Carson has warned against this slow but sad progression:

  1. From a generation that believes the gospel and all its implications…
  2. To a generation that assumes the gospel but identifies more with its implications…
  3. To a generation that loses the gospel altogether.

“Make the gospel explicit!” we say, in an effort to ensure that the good news of Jesus – the only news that has the power to transform lives – stays front and center in our message, our methods, and our ministries.

But what happens when it’s not the evangel that gets assumed, but evangelism? 

Is it possible that a generation deeply committed to making the gospel present and explicit in the church’s preaching and teaching, might assume that Christians know how to share the gospel? Or that Christians understand just how vital evangelism is?

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A pastor blogger on worship

A disciple's study

A pastor blogger on worship

What-would-change-about-our-sundays-if . . .


 Mark Dever presents thirteen propositions about worship. Though some require explanation, most of them are pretty clear. What would change about our Sundays if we realized that:

1. God cares about how he is worshipped?
2. Worship if fundamentally about God?
3. Worship involves our whole lives?
4. Worship is fundamentally hearing and responding to God’s Word?
5. Worship involves our wills and emotions?
6. Public worship should be distinguished from private worship?
7. Public worship is the business of the church assembled?
8. Public worship should edify the congregation?
9. Public worship is not based on a certain musical style?
10. Passivity is always inappropriate in worship?
11. Corporate worship is worth preparing for?
12. True Christian worship services will attract non-believers.
13. If you are a true Christian, corporate worship is your future?

I especially…

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Joyful Cog at Desiring God

Originally posted on AFTER+MATH:
This week, my latest article “A Joyful Cog in His Giant Plan” came out at Desiring God. Here’s the intro: We are our own paparazzi. We’re constantly snapping pictures — posting what we made for lunch and chronicling our lives one…