Impossible People by Os Guinness

The Reagan Review


This book is the one precisely needed today. It speaks to what thinking Christians are dwelling on. His title won’t make any sense until you read his reference to Peter Damian, but the book will strike the right cord on many levels. The problems are as bad as we imagined, yet the answer is not despair, but courage.

He will explain how Western culture is in its death throws. He really doesn’t explain a way to save it as we are too far down the line for that, but Western culture or not, Christians have an obligation just as they did in the hedonistic days of the Roman Empire.

He writes about how Christians are failing dramatically these days. He compares the very thing some of us have been telling others–how did German Christians get duped into accepting Nazism. Sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?

Os Guinness never fails to challenge…

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