Month: February 2019

Pastors Face ‘Future of The Church’ With Optimism | Facts & Trends

Pastors are optimistic about their church’s future regardless of any past struggles, according to the 2019 Future of the Church Study.

Source: Pastors Face ‘Future of The Church’ With Optimism | Facts & Trends


Don’t Let Fear Be a Factor for You.


Written by Calvonia Radford, 2/12/2019


Do you remember the television show, Fear Factor?

Fear Factor was a reality series in which contestants determined if they had the guts to face their fears while conquering their competition. The show coerced contestants into facing their worst fears for a change at some cold, hard cash. They performed risky stunts and ate detestable things, yet the concept of facing their fears was phenomenal.

Fear Factor implemented what Psychologist refer to as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT helps patients face their fears through a technique knows as exposure. Through CBT, clients gradually come into contact with the things that elicit fear and thereby feel their fear.

CBT helps clients see that more than not, the anxiety they feel when facing our fears is less intense than they anticipated.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. 

~Author Unknown



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