Month: February 2016

Three Missional Practices of Living Sent

Missional Field Notes

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I’m always looking for simple tools to help teach missional living…words to live by as sent people in the world. I liked the following list from Larry Barker.

IDENTIFY – Who do you know that is far from God? In your community, who are those people and where do they hang out? What can you do to make an intentional move toward them? …It begins with you identifying those God has placed in your path that you can begin taking steps to reach them with the Gospel.

INVEST – With whom are you consistently developing relationships? With many it is not enough to just share words, you must also share your life. Who are you spending time with on a regular basis that is far from God? Where could you meet up with them on neutral ground and enjoy…

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A Very Simple List of Ways Your Church Can Be More Missional

Missional Field Notes

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I’ve covered a lot of lists here. And, each list runs the risk of oversimplifying this whole missional thing. There is no “Five Easy Ways to Be Missional” or “Ten Steps to an Effective Discipleship Program” or “Seven Missional Steps from Jesus” that is going to makes sense of this stuff. There are too many variables: context, local church, history, and the breadth of testimony and witness from the Scripture.

And yet I like these lists because they make me take stock of what’s going on in our local church setting. And, while we might not mesh with some aspects in the missional church in one place, we may find points of convergence in other places. Lists can be helpful.

So, it is in this spirit that I’ll call your attention to a list from Teresa Blay of Denmark

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