Prayer – Our lifeline to God

The Narrow Gate

Prayer is an
important aspect of our Christian life. If Jesus prayed continuously like He
did, then we should put a lot of weight to the practice of prayer. Why would
Jesus spend so much time in prayer and even go so far as to teach us how to
pray if it were not critically important? The Old Testament has many examples
of prayers going up to God. Prayer is the thread that unites the soul of man
with God. Spirit to Spirit.

15:8 tells us that the Lord ‘delights’ in our prayer. That is a nice thing to
hear, isn’t it? How can we please the Lord? By being continually in prayer with
Him. He likes that. He likes us coming to Him with our needs. He wants to be
involved. He wants to work with us, that’s why He sent the Holy Spirit to
indwell in us…

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