Table of Riches

I was a miser. I held on to my money and I spent as little as possible. I used to agonize over selecting food on a restaurant menu. I would try to find the cheapest option, often choosing something that was “okay” in place of something I’d really enjoy, just because of $0.50 or $1 difference. At the time, cheap with my money equaled being responsible.

When I would see people being generous, it really baffled me. It seemed like a nice gesture but I did not understand how they could psychologically do it. I was always trying to hold on to every penny. How could people let go so easily?

Then slowly, God began introducing me to the idea of generosity. I first remember being in church. The speaker kept encouraging us, “Never resist a generous impulse.” The idea of being open-handed with my money was appealing, but it…

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