How do I get out of Debt?

Higher Power Living LLC.

Getting out of debt can seem like a difficult task and can even seem impossible depending on your level of indebtedness. If you went to college anytime recently you probably have a pile of student loans that you need to pay. If you live in America you probably have a pretty hefty car payment and you almost certainly have a credit card of some sort. According to NerdWallet the average U.S. household is carrying $16,883 in credit card debt, $182,421 in mortgage debt, $29,539 in auto loans, and $50,626 in student loans.

What that means is that with an average interest rate on credit cards at 15% your minimum payment would be $337.66, assuming a 2% minimum payment amount which is average meaning you may pay more or you may pay less, but either way you will pay. If you only make minimum payments and do not go further into…

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