Surviving College… as a Christian

Elihu's Corner

young people reading and taking notes

“We are hoping someday to be more progressive like Berkeley, allowing boys and girls to use the same bathrooms. Eventually, we would like to have co-ed dorm rooms.”

An unnamed administration official at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1999

My parents listened to that statement during my freshman orientation. I was sequestered in another building, registering for classes and getting the scoop on catalogs and class-crashing. When we met up for lunch a few hours later, they related this scene and the breakout of grumbling around them. Apparently, as they looked around the room, more than one face seemed to go pale.

It seemed a little weird to me—back then—that a college would even consider co-ed dorm rooms. Out of one side of their mouth they fretted about rape and sexual assault, while out of the the other, they wanted this idealistic progressivism. One of our most vulnerable times is…

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