Romans 6,7,8 – Key to Revival 2

Prayer In Every City

Prayer in Every City Bible Study

Many Christians in America are praying for revival, but cannot understand why revival has not come. After studying Revival and Spiritual Awakening for many years, I have learned one of the important keys to revival. It is found in Romans 6,7 & 8. This key is often referred to as the “Sanctified Life”, the “Victorious Christian Life” or the “Spirit Filled Life”. If you want to be effective in prayer, then you need to understand how to live the life of sanctification.

If you missed my first lesson, then click here: Romans 6,7,8 – Key to Revival 1

The book of Romans is the foundation of our Christian faith. By studying this letter, you will learn to walk in faith, walk in the Spirit and share your faith with others. We will begin our lesson today by reading Romans 6,7 & 8. Even though we will only cover the highlights of…

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