Meeting Jesus In The Gospels – Why are there four gospels?


bible writingThere are four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The gospels are not the same, though some have some overlap between them. They were written in different dates, by different authors. All were first account witnesses or researched directly from first account witnesses (meaning they saw, heard and touched Jesus).  This below is a very narrow differentiating of them. And below an additional resource for more notes.

Matthew  for Jewish Audience. The disciple of Jesus, also called Levi – Tax Collector.

Mark  earliest gospel written, Peter was the resource, to Christian gentiles. focuses on Jesus miracles – shows Jesus as the Suffering Son of God. Shortest of the gospels.

Luke – also wrote Acts. Written in very literary Greek, the longest of the Gospels, with more detail and more activity. Written by an evangelist. Luke has most interest in the Holy Spirit, as also seen on the book of Acts.

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