Turning Inside Out

Following A Star

“WE cannot insist that the first years of infancy are of supreme importance, and that mothers are not of supreme importance; or that motherhood is a topic of sufficient interest for men, but not of sufficient interest for mothers. Every word that is said about the tremendous importance of trivial nursery habits goes to prove that being a nurse is not trivial. All tends to the return of the simple truth that the private work is the great one and the public work the small. The human house is a paradox, for it is larger inside than out.”

~G.K. Chesterton: ‘Turning Inside Out’ (Fancies vs. Fad)

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Lebkuchen (pronounced Leb – koo- hen – like hen, the animal) is a traditional Christmas dessert from Germany, it is somewhat similar to gingerbread. This is very popular treat that is eaten all over the world!  I’ve always eaten German…

This boy

Our Heart

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This boy. If I think about my anxieties and fears as I walked the ancient streets of Seoul it can still trigger deep feelings for me. The city of Seoul; so rooted in its past of old world cobblestone streets, palaces and traditions –  is also filled with the most modern buildings and high-tech amenities one could ever imagine. I am not sure there has ever been a more poignant representation of the contradictions that arose in my soul as we traveled around the world to bring our boy home, than this place.

This boy. A child who I deeply love (and loved) also brought about the hardest time emotionally I have ever walked through. His presence throwing me into a tailspin of anxiety I’d never faced before.

This boy. His deep hurts. His need to be loved unconditionally. His smile. He too represented a deep contradiction of terms. For…

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