Praying for the Unsaved Millennials in our Families

Prayer Warriors are sharing and re-reading this 24-day Prayer Guide.

Praying for the millennials

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This eBook is a 24-day, devotional prayer guide that will encourage readers to pray regularly for unsaved young adults and relatives. It is Scripture-saturated and filled with Christ-exalting prayers and praises that will get God’s attention. Young people have a vision to be world-changers. They are visionary. They have a victorious-mindset.  They have great plans. One vital element is missing to undergird them with the power of God. They need to humble themselves and seek the power of God to save them and sanctify them. He alone can fulfill their exciting plans to make an eternal impact, if that is His will for them.

I have focused many prayers on the salvation of the millennials because secular media often highlights the negativity in their lives rather than the positive things that they are doing. From my interactions with them, I find them to be well-educated, tech-savvy, strategic-thinking, ambitious, adventurous, proactive, positive, creative, collaborative, flexible…

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