Giving People the Whole Gospel

I trust that all of us, upon hearing what we will hear tonight from the Word of God, will shape our future evangelism and gospel testimony around these truths. If I could title what I want to say to …

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The Wisdom of Faith

  • Are you experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised? He wasn’t talking about happy circumstances but rather the joy and contentment possible through a relationship with Him. If you’re lacking in this area, consider your understanding of the Holy Spirit, and pray to be in tune with His promptings. ~Dr. Charles Stanley

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Day 6 – Last 6 Days Living With ALS

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Monday, August 30, 2010. Where is the manual that tells you what to expect when you know you are losing your mother? Where is the person that comes around and tells you how it will feel? Where are the words to describe the way that you are feeling on this day that feels like you are taking your own death walk?

Since Taneka left at 4 in the morning, maybe I should have stayed up for the rest of the night. Looking back I should have. Instead of falling asleep for a couple of hours I should have never taken my eyes off of my mother. I should have crawled in the bed with her instead of reclining in the chair next to her. I should have groomed her body like I had every day for the past 15 months. I should have tried to make her wake up, focus…

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The longer you live, the more powerful will you find the gospel to be

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To the rest of you who are called, I need say nothing. The longer you live, the more powerful will you find the gospel to be; the more deeply Christ taught you are, the more you live under the constant influence of the Holy Spirit, the more you will know the gospel to be a thing of power, and the more also will you understand it to be a thing of wisdom. May every blessing rest upon you; and may God come up with us in the evening!

Let men or angels dig the mines

Where nature’s golden treasure shines;

Brought near the doctrine of the cross,

All nature’s gold appears but dross.

Should vile blasphemers with disdain

Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain,

We’ll meet the scandal and the shame.

And sing and triumph in his name.”

Charles H. Spurgeon- “Christ Crucified,” A Sermon Delivered on Sabbath Morning…

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Video: “The Path to Freedom” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

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Today’s culture exhorts us to be masters of our own destinies, in control of our own lives, and absent any restrictions other than our own. True freedom, though, is actually found in obeying God’s precepts, not in release from them. Examining the cultural, biblical, and personal significance of freedom, Alistair Begg helps us discover that even a self-serving life is enslaving. Abiding rest is ours only when we surrender our lives to Christ and receive the forgiveness He freely offers.

via Video: “The Path to Freedom” by Alistair Begg — Truth For Life Blog

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