Book Review: Replenish by Lance Witt

Replenish! This powerful title is a motivator to make this publication a permanent addition to our Pastor’s library.

Giving Future Faith to our Faith Future

Book Review: Replenish by Lance Wittreplenish

The Good:

You need this. As someone in ministry, the introduction wakes you up and sets up the need to read this book. Let me just save you the time from reading the introduction, because I know many of you will skip it anyway, and just know there is reason for every pastor, missionary, or anyone in a ministry…you need to read this book.

Transparency. When an author shows transparency appropriately, it brings the book to life, in my opinion. The author is willing to show his weaknesses and mistakes made in the past to bring a more personal touch and more valuable for the reader.

Short & Sweet. I love short chapters. As a father of many kids, I have like 3 or 4 kids now (kidding, kidding)…but sometimes I get interrupted in my reading and thoughts and momentum of the read can…

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The Message of David Brainerd

May the Lord raise up more David Brainerds.


David Brainerd

David Brainerd was born in 1718, but his life still speaks today. He lived a short life that was both difficult and inspirational. He was born to a hard-working family, but by the time he was 14, both his mother and father had died. He was left to work a farm by which he scratched out a meager living with his sister.

But even as a boy, David felt a higher call of purpose. He left the farm and entered Yale at age 15. Not too long after an introduction to the Scriptures, David Brainerd dedicated his life to Christ and knew he was called to preach the Gospel. School officials viewed his fervency for Christ with suspicion. In spite of their objections, Brainerd associated himself with evangelists George Whitefield and Gilbert Tennent. After repeated warnings from the Dean of Students, David Brainerd was expelled from Yale for his, “spiritual…

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