A Monument to Washington

Source: A Monument to Washington


Grasping the Supremacy of Christ

If we plan to maintain a good grasp on the Supremacy of Christ, we must fervently remind ourselves of Who Christ is, What He has done, What He is doing in His present day ministry, What He requires us to do, Where He is leading us in local ministries, Where He is leading us in global missions,  Where He is leading us in our businesses, How He is changing us, How He is challenging us, How He is using us in our communities, How He is using us in the marketplace, How we are accountable to Him, and What we will continue to do to Glorify His Name.

O Lord, as we focus on our Lord Jesus Christ in the Power of His Resurrection, empower us to get a greater grasp on His unchanging and glorious Supremacy. Let the Supremacy of  Christ renew our minds and enable us to live in victory. Father glorify Your Name. Amen.