Lord, Save Fiji!


As a childJohn Hunt often sat by the fire, engrossed in his father’s tales of military adventure. At 16 he nearly died of “brain fever.” Recovering, he found the Lord in a Methodist chapel. He later married Hanna Summers, and on December 22, 1838 they arrived on the Fiji islands as missionaries.

They shuddered at the sight. Two-thirds of all children were boiled and eaten. Every village had its human butcher. Aged parents were butchered and eaten by their children. A man would often cook his best wife or most tender child as a feast for his closest friends.

Some time after their arrival the chief’s youngest son was lost at sea. Seventeen women were killed and roasted as a result, and Hanna was forced to watch. The islanders then insisted the missionaries leave. But the Hunts refused. They found increasing numbers willing to listen. The queen…

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