Jewish Woman Accepts Christ After Watching Livestreams During Coronavirus, Drives an Hour for Baptism


After watching online worship, Lisa Cohen Huff, center, drove an hour south of her Mississippi home for First Baptist Church of Gulfport pastor Jimmy Stewart, right, to baptize her. Also shown is her husband Pope Huff, left. Submitted photo

GULFPORT, Miss. (BP) — “Don’t live in fear anymore,” Lisa Cohen Huff recalls hearing while half asleep in bed one morning at her Hattiesburg home. “Here’s the door. All you’ve got to do is step through,” she heard the next morning.

Huff grew up Jewish. But even before the COVID-19 pandemic largely shut down onsite worship, she had begun watching livestreamed worship and devotionals by First Baptist Church in Gulfport, an hour south of her home. The pastor there, Jimmy Stewart, was a childhood friend of her husband Pope Huff, who was a Christian.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve texted Jimmy … ‘You made me cry again,'” she…

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