Fulfilling the Call to Missions

Yirah Group

Fundamental to the New Testament’s teaching on the church is that all believers have an important part to play in the extension of the kingdom of God. The body of Christ is made up of a variety of people who possess a variety of gifts (1 Cor. 12:12–31), all of which are necessary for the church to function properly. The church’s task cannot be accomplished by one individual; all of us must work together to advance the Lord’s mission. Furthermore, all who work to achieve the ends for which our Father has created His church will be rewarded, no matter the particular part they play in the kingdom’s advance.

This truth is taught clearly in today’s passage, the conclusion to Christ’s missionary discourse. So far, Jesus has called His disciples to ministry and has prepared them for the inevitable opposition from this fallen world (Matt. 10:1–39)…

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