If money wasn’t an issue

Confessions of a Doctor to be

I don’t come from a wealthy family, I’ve already established that. My parents are first generation immigrants and have done manual work their entire lives. We live in a comfortable double storey unit in the outer suburbs of the CBD, and drive an average but reliable car. We don’t have any fancy investments, shares or assets. Money has always been something we’ve never been without, but spend with frugality and much deliberation.

However, my parents always made sure I had everything I needed. Dad always took pride in making sure everything I possessed was branded and of high quality. In our family album there’s a photo of me laughing as I sit in my highchair on my first birthday, and he once proudly remarked, “See, even the shoes are Oshkosh! I never let you wear unbranded clothes, even when you were a baby.” And whilst we cannot afford many luxury…

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