Hopefully, this educational post will encourage lupus patients to consider traditional Chinese medicine for another very credible resource. I recently tried a TCM natural supplement for a chronic cough and lung infection, and I received great results. Of course, always follow your physicians’ orders or print this post for them.


Lupus and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating lupus with acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula requires that we first understand the disease from the Chinese perspective. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at the human body a little differently than conventional medicine that defines lupus as an auto-immune disease.

It is common today to refer to this new perspective as a paradigm shift. It is looking at things a little differently than the conventional scientific fashion. With this done, we find answers to medical issues that hadn’t been considered prior, and of course we find new and effective treatments as well.

One way of explaining the vast majority of lupus symptoms from the Chinese medicine perspective is through the diagnosis of Yin deficiency. The purpose of this article is to explain what Yin is, what happens when you don’t have enough of it, and finally show how many of the symptoms of lupus…

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