Our daughter has been dealing with lupus for many years. So, I try to read and share information like this because I always learn so much and hope and pray that others will learn something new about autoimmune diseases. Thank you for these articles.



img_22738925_primaryThe core issue involved with autoimmune conditions involves restoring the body’s proper immune response and digestive function. This is what is called root-cause healing because it addresses the bottom line problem of autoimmune diseases. Doctors and even holistic healers can reach the symptoms and make a patient FEEL better, but that does not solve the underlying ailing that cause so much suffering and discomfort to millions of people.

The autoimmune attack on the various organs, systems and tissues of the body wreak havoc and often goes undiagnosed or misunderstood. Toxic drugs and immune suppressing chemicals only make the conditions worse as they weaken the body’s ability to fight these alien forces.

So what is a solution for this plague of diseases that has been attacking people for so many years? The reality is that once the body’s immunity receives the tools such as immune modulators, that it needs…

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