Everything He Says He Does: The Personal and Specific Sovereignty of God

Yirah Group

Everything He Says He Does

Will God do what he said? That is the sound of a spiritual crisis — when it seems like the very ground beneath your feet is shaking. If you haven’t yet experienced one, to some degree, while following Jesus, likely you will.

In such times of crisis, one of God’s great means of grace to us is his people. While we are in crisis, others in our lives are often steady, and ready to help. We feel like we’re free-falling, but they are tethered and so can gently, prayerfully, and patiently help us get our bearings again. But what if the bottom fell out, all at once, for you and every Christian you knew? The disorientation would multiply. The crisis would be all the more severe; the pain all the more acute.

The destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the geographical heart and center of God’s first-covenant people, precipitated…

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