Restoring All Things Evangelical Churches Respond to Border Crisis

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Carlos Navarro is pastor of West Brownsville Baptist Church, in the Rio Grande Valley. He has been involved inministry to migrants for 25 years, beginning when he started teaching Scripture in a weekly class at a Brownsville detention center. Today, as many as 1500 men and boys attend his weekly Bible classes at Casa Padre Detention Center. The classes are evangelistic in nature, and often conclude with an invitation to accept Christ. He says some weeks more than 200 people make first-time decisions to follow Jesus. His church also provides Bibles, water, food, and clothing to migrants on both sides of the


West Brownsville is not the only church in Texas getting in on the action, of course. One of the state’s largest churches, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, has an active ministry to Latino migrants. The church’s pastor, Jack Graham, recently tweeted, “We @Prestonwood are…

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