“As your Days, so shall your Strength be.


As your days, so shall your strength be.” (Deuteronomy 33:25)

BELOVED, it seems a sad thing that every day must die and be followed by a night. We have seen the hills clad with verdure to their summit and the seas laving their base with a silver glory. We have stretched our eyes faraway and have seen the widening prospect full of loveliness and beauty and we have felt sad that the sunlight should ever set upon such a scene and that so much beauty should be shrouded in the oblivion of darkness. But how much reason have we to bless God for nights! If it were not for nights how much of beauty ever would be discovered?

Never should I have considered the heavens the work of Your fingers, O my God, if You had not first covered the sun with a thick mantle of darkness–the moon…

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