Passing the Baton of Truth – The Gospel Mission Part 1

Sealed in Christ

Passing the Baton of Truth Series

Source: The Gospel Mission Part 1

Genesis 5
FromCD Album Passing the Baton of Truth

The greatest gift you can give a child is to introduce him or her to Jesus. Join Anne and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Wright, Bible teacher and mother of three, as you learn to be intentional about passing the baton of truth to the next generation. This seminar presents Biblical teaching that challenges parents and grandparents alike.

Message 1:The Gospel Message(Genesis 5) | AGL — 58 minutes
Message 2:Raising Disciples(Mark 3) | Rachel-Ruth Wright — 50 minutes
Message 3:The Gospel Messenger(2 Timothy 1) | AGL — 68 minutes
Message 4:Pass It On(Joshua 23-24) | Rachel-Ruth Wright — 47 minutes
Message 5:The Gospel Mission(2 Timothy 2-4) | AGL — 72 minutes

**Note: I will only be including the Messages…

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