Day 6 – Last 6 Days Living With ALS

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Monday, August 30, 2010. Where is the manual that tells you what to expect when you know you are losing your mother? Where is the person that comes around and tells you how it will feel? Where are the words to describe the way that you are feeling on this day that feels like you are taking your own death walk?

Since Taneka left at 4 in the morning, maybe I should have stayed up for the rest of the night. Looking back I should have. Instead of falling asleep for a couple of hours I should have never taken my eyes off of my mother. I should have crawled in the bed with her instead of reclining in the chair next to her. I should have groomed her body like I had every day for the past 15 months. I should have tried to make her wake up, focus…

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One thought on “Day 6 – Last 6 Days Living With ALS

  1. Thank you, Sherri, for sharing your Mom with the world before the Lord called her home. You are very courageous and very generous. Your Mom was such a beautiful person and I thank and praise the Lord for the beautiful daughter that are. The Lord has blessed you with a massive heart of tenderness, love, kindness, and spiritual fruit too numerous to enumerate. I was deeply touched by your lives. No one in our family has ALS, but my beloved friend has just entered hospice after a 3 year battle with ALS. She lives 400 miles away, but I spent time with her in January. She is 85, still mobile with her walker, still emails me, but hasn’t talked for 18 months and hears everything. She gets very tired now. Her breathing is 30%. I feel that I need to take less of her time and energy so that her immediate family can have more time with her. Praying for her daily keeps me strong in the Lord, and she appreciates every prayer and praise note to the Lord who loves us. He is working all things according the counsel of His Will. Because we are saved, by placing our faith in Jesus, we know that we will be among God’s people who will be worshipping the Lord together around His throne. Keep your faith strong in the Lord, Sherri. Thanks again for sharing your love for your precious Mother.


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