God is not impressed with the geniuses of the world

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“There are some pretty smart people in the world. Geniuses. Prodigies. People who comprehend things like quantum physics and genetic manipulation and atom splitting. People like Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie. These are the kind of people who break standardized tests. The world adores people like this. We worship the IQ. We stand in awe of astronomically intelligent people. When I compare myself to men like Stephen Hawking, I am deeply aware that I am an idiot. I have a difficult time understanding the inner workings of a combustion engine, let alone quarks, parsecs, and the time-space continuum…

… But God is not impressed with the geniuses of the world. He informs us that his thoughts are not our thoughts. In fact, our deepest thoughts, most intelligent ideas, and most profound ponderings are tiny,  insignificant, and rather childish when compared to the infinite intelligence and wisdom of God…

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