A Meditation On Sovereignty and Gospel

A Promised Hope

God’s sovereignty will always be offensive if you don’t love Him.

The fact that God is God, not merely a helpful spiritual sage or positive force of moral light we are free to access when useful, the fact that He is rightful ruler of everything and everyone everywhere is very unwelcome news to those who do not treasure Him.

We have a very man-centric ethos in this 21st century Western culture. God, if He exists, is the Benevolent Validator of all that I want to do and be. He is as soft and as malleable as I need Him to be. If I desire something He (or She or It) must of course approve. Affirm. Celebrate. Because God is love, and of course love is celebration of all I desire. Which is to say God is whatever I desire.

And into this pagan mess sounds the Gospel of Jesus…

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