60 Seconds On Worship and Wonder

A Promised Hope

One of the most under appreciated aspects of Biblical Christianity is that it restores a sense of wonder about the world. A Divine Author, good and beautiful without end, spoke this universe into being.

Spoke it.

Everything there is to perceive, the smell of moss and crunch of leaves in an Autumn forest, the cascade of sunlight over grass on a Summer sunrise, cumulus clouds and pelicans and babies and comets, all of it came at His Word.

And all of it points to His heart.

We don’t live in a random universe. Nothing is random. That itch in your ear a minute ago wasn’t random. Everything is providence and story, everything is being worked together to shed light on the unimaginable beauty of the God who is there.

The Bible describes this world we live and move and breathe in as a creation. It is a purposeful tapestry that…

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