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Revival Is a Corporate Blessing

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What Is Revival?

I suspect we have all participated in a prayer meeting in which it was not quite clear what, exactly, we were asking God to do. Perhaps we were praying for “traveling mercies,” or “blessing on this situation,” or for God to “be with” so-and-so. Those things sound good. But what are we really asking, why do we think God wants us to ask for that, and would we even recognize the answer if God said yes? For many of us, I think revival is another one of those fuzzy-around-the-edges blessings that we are quick to pray for and slow to understand. Sure, we pray for revival. Revival sounds great. But what exactly is it?

J. I. Packer provides a helpful definition. Summarizing Jonathan Edwards’s significant work on the subject, Packer writes: “Revival is an extraordinary work of God the Holy Ghost…

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Start Asking God for More: Four Reasons We Pray Less

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Start Asking God for More

Praying has always been hard for Christians. I once heard John Stott say that prayer was his greatest struggle in the Christian life, and I suspect he wasn’t alone. I’m also convinced that right now in the evangelical world we pray less than we used to. Why might that be?

In my lifetime (I’m 52), there has been a real shift in the way in which evangelicals pray. When I was a student in both Ireland and the UK, one of the defining features of University Christian Unions was the prayer meeting. Evangelical student groups had two main gatherings each week — one focused on Bible teaching, and the other dedicated completely to prayer. Almost universally, coming together to pray was a reliable index of a group’s spiritual maturity and commitment.

For most students, this pattern was replicated in their local churches, where Sunday’s teaching was accompanied by some kind…

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Grab Hold of God: The Importance of Wrestling in Prayer

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Grab Hold of God

I struggle with knowing how to pray. Should I trust that everything is in God’s hands and rest knowing he will do the best thing for me? Or should I cry out to God earnestly to change the situation, giving him reasons to answer my prayer?

Wrestling with God or resting in him. Which is better?

Resting seems godlier, trusting that God will give me what I need without even asking. It seems more holy, more faith-filled, more biblical. Resting seems to indicate a more mature faith. But when I look at the Bible, I see a fuller picture of prayer. Jesus tells us to ask, and it will be given to us (Matthew 7:7) and that if we abide in him, we can ask for whatever we wish, and it will be done for us (John 15:7).

Not only that, Jesus exhorts us “always to pray and not lose…

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May 3 Waiting on God

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Scripture reading: Psalm 27:1–4

Key verse: Psalm 62:1

Truly my soul silently waits for God;

From Him comes my salvation.

When you think about the principles of God, there is one you don’t want to overlook. It is the principle of waiting. Many times it is something we fail to understand and enjoy. Impatience can come from the feverish pace set by our society. Cell phones, E-mail, and the World Wide Web have changed the way we live and communicate. No longer do we take time to be still and listen to the dreams and hopes of a friend. Instead, we hurry away and shout over our shoulders, “E-mail me and I’ll get back with you!”

This attitude can have disastrous results. God created us for fellowship with Him and with others. Certain principles hold eternally true, and learning how to wait before the Lord is one of the wisest…

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The Patience To Wait for the Vision

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Though it tarries, wait for it? —Habakkuk 2:3

Patience is not the same as indifference; patience conveys the idea of someone who is tremendously strong and able to withstand all assaults. Having the vision of God is the source of patience because it gives us God’s true and proper inspiration. Moses endured, not because of his devotion to?

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