In My Heart, I Know My Savior Lives

Spirit Moments

As a little boy, I used to pray for God to make me Superboy. I remember praying for this fervently every night when I said my prayers before going to bed. And I believed God would do it for me. Of course, I never got to fly; although I have recurring dreams of flying. I never acquired any of Superboy’s powers. But several years later, sometime during my career with a pharma company, I had just finished making a presentation and facilitating the discussions that followed. During the break, I overheard a colleague who did not particularly like me say to the others: “Superboy is at it again.”  She said it of course reeking with sarcasm but I had to smile because the remark had me remembering my prayer as a child. God did deliver, although in a totally different manner. I had a smug feeling that the monicker my…

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