Ministry Update March 2019


A Story of “Delight”

We recently heard of a great response to our short film, “Delight,” from a fellow Cru staff person. Chuck shared this story:

I must confess that at first watch I was not a fan of “Delight.” My own parental, authoritative nature blocked me from seeing the real meaning of this short film.


It was a Saturday afternoon in Ecuador when I came across Edgar, a young immigrant from Venezuela trying to survive by offering candy for free and hopefully receiving a donation. My teammate Alex asked if he would watch a short film and he agreed to. While watching the baker create his masterpiece Edgar said, “This is cool, I was a chef in Venezuela.” He watched with wonder as the baker painstakingly took the time to create the elegant dessert. When Edgar saw the child bring her hand down hard and destroy the dessert, you…

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