Pray for Starving People in Venezuela

Prayer A to Z

The illegitimate dictator of socialist Venezuela is starving the people. And he is refusing humanitarian aid from the U.S. and Canada. The Venezuelan military is now barricading a key bridge from Colombia that would allow millions of $ of food and medical shipments to aid the people. But Maduro will not allow it in. Why? Because he is too proud! Saying, Venezuela isn’t a nation of beggars. Clearly he has no regard for the welfare of his people, who are starving and going without badly needed medical aid.

Please pray for the people of Venezuela.

Pray also that the military will come to the senses and come to the side of Guaido, who if the legitimate leader.

Pray for the United States and the 40 countries who back Guaido—that God would give us wisdom to know what to do, How to take down Maduro and restore Guaido to full power.

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