The Threshold of New…(repost)


If you’re blessed to cross the threshold of the new year, be mindful of what you carry with you. The past has passed, life is short. Whatever needs forgiveness, release or healing – take care of it! Do the necessary work or risk being stuck another round!

Unhealthy practices continue as long as we allow it. Unresolved issues further discord, dis-ease and resentment. An inability to adhere, heeding the truths that we profess to have learned…is like a self-imposed prison.

It’s clear, we can’t change the stories that have impacted us. We can, however, change the impact of those stories over our thoughts-beliefs, words, behavior and our relationships.

Seize now-this moment, this day, this time and season to create a new you…a new world.

It is in Him we live move and have our being. ~Acts 17:28

Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

All rights reserved 2016

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