Broken & Believing

Pastor Craig Crosby

As I write this I’m sitting in a shopping area parking lot. I feel badly on so many different levels. One, my body just keeps disappointing me. Two, I just physically feel miserable and want to crawl back into bed. Three, my condition makes me feel far from the man, husband, or dad I want to be.

I’m at a critical crossroads of sorts. My condition is no longer a mystery to me, nor a secret to others. Yet, I’ve still not learned how to live with my new handicap. The moment I try to drive more than 30 minutes my body begins to melt down. The pain in my weak spot just pounds and pounds. Real conversation is nerve wreaking to say the least. True quality time with my loved ones seems impossible.

To others I look alright on the outside. Shoot, sometimes even I’m convinced I must be…

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