You Are, All That I Need, All My Heart And Soul, Blessings

Where Words Daily Come

My love you are a God of
Great mercy, a Lord of
Great love, a King of great charity

You were before all
Thoughts were conceived
Of the dream Gods of men

You were when the universe knew
No sin and all did praise
And glorify your name

You were, the life of all that was
And your life was of the Son,
And the Son was of your life

The Spirit was of you Lord,
For He is your power
And the power of the Son

Woe be to him that dares to
Separate by mouth with blasphemous words,
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

For how can the one who
Has no knowledge,
Speak on He who has all knowledge?

How can he that is with sin
Disregard He that is without sin
As not being a reality?

How can he that…

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