How Do We Listen to God in Prayer?


As we journey through our Summer of Prayer at Eastbrook, there are many approaches to prayer that we have touched upon in our series “Great Prayers of the Bible.”

When we pray, we voice our needs to God. However, another important aspect of faith-filled prayer is listening to God. Listening to God enables us to enter into agreement with God and His purposes. Just the other day someone asked me: how do we listen to God in prayer?

davidpicDavid Bryant, a leader in prayer movements and prolific author on the topic of prayer, speaks to this in his book With Concerts of PrayerIn that book, Bryant encourages us to listen to God in four specific ways (page 200). I have shared these in previous messages but wanted to post them here so people could return to them:

  1. Study the Scriptures – Familiarize yourself with the mind…

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