Study Says Parent’s Failure to Transmit Faith to Children Helps Fuel Growth of Religious ‘Nones’


A new study lends supporting evidence to the theory that a failure of parents to transmit their faith to their children is a factor in the rise of the number of Americans who say they have no particular religious affiliation and identify instead as a group popularly known as religious “nones.”

The study, “Religious/secular distance: How far apart are teenagers and their parents?” authored by Ryan T. Cragun, Joseph H. Hammer, Michael Nielsen, and Nicholas Autz was published in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality last month.

In the study, cited by PsyPost, researchers developed a tool called the Nonreligious-Nonspiritual Scale which measures secularity along two spectrums: from nonreligious to highly religious and from nonspiritual to highly spiritual.

“There were many reasons why we developed that scale. The obvious reason was that no one had done anything like that before. But there are two other important…

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