Born on Purpose

Precious Life

The very fact that you are breathing today means so much! God created you with an identity and purpose that can only be found in Him!

Regardless of the things you’ve experienced in life, God can use it all to work for your good! Not only that, what you’re going through, have gone through, or will go through, could very well be important pieces that are tied directly to your purpose.

Remember the stories of Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Sarah, Ruth, Esther, Hannah, Elijah, the list goes on and on! I encourage you to read Genesis 1 and Psalm 139. And don’t forget about Jesus! His purpose was to die on the cross to save all of mankind from their sins!

If you don’t know or understand your purpose, seek God! In the beginning He created and everything He created had a purpose! So you, my friend, were born with a…

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