The Man Who Changed D. L. Moody

Redeeming Grace Ministries

Harry Morehouse (1876–1934)  was a wild young man who, by age sixteen, was a gambler, gang-leader, and thief. But during the Revival of 1859, Henry gave his life to Jesus. He was soon heard preaching the Gospel with all his heart; and his favorite text was John 3:16. One day in Ireland in 1867, he met the far-famed world evangelist, D. L. Moody; and Henry had the nerve to invite himself to preach in Moody’s church in Chicago. Sometime later, Moody returned home from a trip and learned that Morehouse had shown up, started preaching, and was drawing great crowds.

“He has preached two sermons from John 3:16,” Moody’s wife said to him, “and I think you will like him, although he preached a little different from what you do.”

“How is that?”

“Well, he tells sinners God loves them.”

Moody wasn’t so sure about that; but that evening he…

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