Month: July 2018

Slow Down to Meet God

A disciple's study

In our fast-paced world, where every second is filled by something, is it any wonder we don’t have time to hear the voice of God?

In the hurry to get tasks done, we neglect the glorious calling to direct our gaze heavenwards.

Even the ‘quiet time’ can degenerate into one more task to tick off our list, rather than a time to linger in God’s presence, and hear him in his Word.

On a diet of tweets and soundbites we lose the sublime that cannot be expressed in words.

When life feels meaningless, merely running on a wearisome treadmill, we must hear God’s call to come aside and rest a while.

We are trapped in a superficial merry-go-round which never satisfies our deepest longings.

“When the ocean of life is experienced mainly on the surface, or focus will be on foam and splash. If we live…

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My Only Real Peace

Pastor Craig Crosby

I know I take a risk every time I bare my soul through the good, bad, and ugly. Especially in the lowest moments many may be quick to ask “where is your faith now preacher?” To that I would respond “My faith is not about me having it all together or how much faith I can muster compared to others. My faith is about putting my trust in Jesus. Believing in a never changing God in the midst of my ever changing circumstances.

Yesterday was brutal and all day my strength was gone. Humanly speaking I couldn’t bare anymore and wondered how I could hold on any longer. Even now I’m aching, but I’m also feeling the peace of God. God’s peace can’t be explained or denied. I can’t tell you how many times He has restored the joy of my salvation.

Right now, I just want to praise you…

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Such A God Made Day

Pastor Craig Crosby

I’m learning that sometimes you have to experience a really bad day in order to recognize a really good day. Well, based on what I recently experienced I’m having a really good day. My new medication has my itching under control. I’m having to take it every 6 hours and keep all my skin moisturized around the clock. Also, no more long hot baths for me since the water dries my skin out and the heat only stimulates more breakouts. Cool water is calming, but even it I can only stay in for so long.

My stimulator and medications allowed to me to get over 13 hours of sleep during a 19 hour window. I just spent over an hour in the pool that soothed my skin. My mind and body are so much calmer than usual. I have to accept that my nerves will always be an issue. I’ve…

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Will You Trust God Now?

Pastor Craig Crosby

1298F9B8-37CC-4310-B36B-B0F2E938FA37Prior to September 17th, 2015 I was very blessed. I was not dependent upon any daily medication. I was able to go to work all day. I was able to drive myself around anywhere instead of my wife having to carry me everywhere. I didn’t feel like I was still 15, but I felt way healthier than most my age. Then, all that changed and here I am feeling like I should be in an assisted living facility at age 43.
This new medication has definitely been working. However, it has also left me feeling very medicated. I feel like I’m in a haze every minute. That I’m awake, but I’m just not able to process much very clearly. Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled to be comfortable, but I was always afraid this was what it would take. Having worked in hospice I’m well aware there is usually no…

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Does Life Feel Upside Down?

Pastor Craig Crosby

8D56B751-512D-4589-8C56-0E7C8D0C497CI’m simply writing these words as God leads. Nothing about me having all the answers, but I can certainly relate to life feeling upside down. I’ve been in the biggest battle of my life for quite some time. Physically, mentally, emotionally and for sure spiritually. I just quit posting everything on this personal page because I don’t want to overload you all with my issues.

God put it on my heart that some of you need to know somebody else doesn’t have it all together. I try my best daily to fight the good fight of faith. However, even on my best days it’s still a fight. I’ve certainly battled with moments of confusion, depression, and even fear of what the future might hold. By God’s grace I keep getting out of the bed. 

I keep feeling like I’m one step away from absolutely falling apart. Yet, God keeps…

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Book Review: How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team

Giving Future Faith to our Faith Future

Book Review:  How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team by Charles Stanley

The Good:

Been there, done that.  Charles Stanley had both the view of the counselor and the parent when he brought personal illustrations to play.  The counseling situations were enlightening and eye-opening, and the family illustrations brought a personal touch.  Each produced a break for the mind and allowed for smooth reading.

Homework?  With each chapter, I walked away with homework.  There were parenting skills that needed sharpened, conversations that needed to take place, and changes that needed to happen.  I have a long ways to go, but there were measurable steps I could take in improving my parenting.

This Quote – “The only hope they have is to undergo a transforming experience by Christ in their life and thus gain an understanding of who they really are in Jesus Christ.”

Handing Down Your Faith.  The chapter…

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America’s First Great Awakening

End Time Mysteries

Arrayed in Splendor by Gail Vass.jpgThis beautiful water-color painting is courtesy of Gail Vass. Sheis an award winning artist and a signature member of the Minnesota Water Color Society. She is a Christian who loves God and desires to use her painting to bring glory to Him. If you would like to see more of her paintings, visit her web site at

An Outpouring of God’s Power

By Karen Thompson

The series on Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the metal man has come to an end. So it’s time for a palate cleanser to end one topic and prepare for a new. This post is about America’s very First Great Awakening. In fact, it’s the first of a series of palate cleansers regarding America’s First Great Awakening. Christians from all over the world have been praying and believing for God to send a worldwide awakening. People of prayer (or prayer warriors, as some people call…

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I have great plans for you.

Boomers Go Tiny

God has been intimately involved in every aspect of our tiny house journey. He was involved way before it was even a twinkle in our eyes. It brings tears to my eyes as I reflect back on the last year. God has validated every step along the way, however, I did not see that.

When our kids were in high school and we contemplated our future as Empty Nesters, we were intrigued by the thought of traveling the United States in a RV. We went to RV shows and researched the lifestyle. We could not seem to see how this would be a reality in our lives. There were some enticing aspects of RV’ing, but we wanted it to be more than a recreational lifestyle. It is nearly impossible to live in an RV year round in the frigid Minnesota winters. We tabled the idea, but it continued to nag out…

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History of Generations: Baby Boomers


One of most well-known names of generations, besides perhaps Millennials, are the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers generation is currently the largest generation. Of all the generations, they cover the largest span of time (those born from 1946 to 1964). In large parts of the world, there was a big surge in births after the Second World War. That war had a significant influence on their values, perceptions, attitude, and approach to work.

One of the major aspects that make Baby Boomers stand out from previous generations is that this was really the first generation in which women started to work outside the home in large numbers, at least in the Western Hemisphere. This has a major influence on the home and work environment. In the United States, the children of Baby Boomers often had a latchkey around their neck so that they could go home after school without their…

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