two by two

Andre's Hearth

The first sentence of today’s Gospel, Mark 6:7-13, struck me:

“Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two …”

Christianity is community centered in Jesus.

Jesus gathered together disciples around Himself; socialized with them; taught them a whole new way of living and ultimately fed them with His Body and Blood.  The disciples were not meant to live and worship apart from each other.  They were to evangelize together.  They were to be bonded in a deep and abiding love for each other; a deep and abiding love that is rooted in a personal and community relationship  with Jesus.  I believe that one of the ancient church fathers said that a Christian alone is no Christian.  We are to be one in Him and through Him.

The sad truth of history is that we are a fragmented people – we Christians.  In fact, we have…

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