Such A God Made Day

Pastor Craig Crosby

I’m learning that sometimes you have to experience a really bad day in order to recognize a really good day. Well, based on what I recently experienced I’m having a really good day. My new medication has my itching under control. I’m having to take it every 6 hours and keep all my skin moisturized around the clock. Also, no more long hot baths for me since the water dries my skin out and the heat only stimulates more breakouts. Cool water is calming, but even it I can only stay in for so long.

My stimulator and medications allowed to me to get over 13 hours of sleep during a 19 hour window. I just spent over an hour in the pool that soothed my skin. My mind and body are so much calmer than usual. I have to accept that my nerves will always be an issue. I’ve…

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