I have great plans for you.

Boomers Go Tiny

God has been intimately involved in every aspect of our tiny house journey. He was involved way before it was even a twinkle in our eyes. It brings tears to my eyes as I reflect back on the last year. God has validated every step along the way, however, I did not see that.

When our kids were in high school and we contemplated our future as Empty Nesters, we were intrigued by the thought of traveling the United States in a RV. We went to RV shows and researched the lifestyle. We could not seem to see how this would be a reality in our lives. There were some enticing aspects of RV’ing, but we wanted it to be more than a recreational lifestyle. It is nearly impossible to live in an RV year round in the frigid Minnesota winters. We tabled the idea, but it continued to nag out…

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