Pillars of Authority–Integrity

live the kingdom

I read an article awhile back about a one hundred year-old hotel in Fiji that became infested with termites. They entered the hotel through small cracks in the foundation and walls. While they didn’t do extensive damage to the structure itself, they destroyed much of the furniture and cabinetry. Vast sections of the hotel were essentially gutted; the furniture and fixtures taken outside the town and burned.

Last week I talked about authority and Truth. Since God is above and before all, the source of all, He is the only one not subject to anything or anyone else. He is the ultimate authority, and He gave all authority to Christ. Ultimate authority has to be rooted in an eternal, unchanging truth. That truth is not a concept or ideology, but a person…the person of Jesus Christ.

In Truth (Christ) there is freedom, therefore Godly authority always brings freedom because Godly authority…

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